Jadoo to Premiere at Berlinale Culinary Cinema Sidebar

Tom's upcoming film Jadoo will be premiering at a sidebar to the Berlin Film Festival that is screening films with the theme "Dig Your Food -- From Field to Fork."  10 films and 6 shorts will be screened, with meals served after by local chefs, that are inspired by the films.  The screenings will take place February 10-15.

New US Trailer for Parade's End on HBO

Parade's End, whose illustrious cast includes Tom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall and so many more, will be airing in the US, on HBO, Februrary 26, 27 and 28 at 9pm. A new trailer has been released to promote the mini-series, with a glimpse of Tom at :55.

Watch "The Creep"

A short film that Tom shot over 2 years ago has thankfully turned up on the blog, There Ought to be Clowns.  Click through the link and scroll down to watch.  Love their comments on the film too:

"Mark Jenkinson’s film The Creep, written by James Humphreys and Craig Hunt, has something of a crush on Mison too, with lingering shots as he dresses and shuffles out of what one assumes is an ill-advised one night stand. But the reason he’s leaving and what subsequently happens makes it a slightly different, quirkily amusing prospect and well worth the 5 minute watch."

(warning: NSFW)

UPDATE:  The above link was taken down, but you can still watch The Creep on YouTube here (and with a revised audio track from the original post).

US Air Dates Set for Parade's End on HBO

According to TV by the Numbers, mini-series Parade's End is now slotted to air on HBO over the course of 3 nights - February 26th & 27th from 9p-11:05p, with the final episode on Februaty 28th from 9p-10p.  Tom stars as Potty Perowne, alongside Benedict Cumberbatc, Rebecca Hall, and Roger Allam.