Dead Cat Team Tweeting From #DigitalWhisky

Dead Cat writer and co-star Sam Bern has tweeted that he, Tom and producer Ben Hilton will be taking part in a whisky tasting at Albannach on March 1st.  Not sure if this is in promotion of the film, but he'll be live tweeting from the @DeadCatUK account, so make sure you follow them on Twitter, as I'm sure it will be entertaining.

Mr. Porter Interview and Photoshoot

The men's style site, Mr. Porter, has a spread of Tom in their first birthday issue of The Journal, wearing the latest cardigan styles off the runway (all 5 photos are in the galleries).  Truly, who better to model cardigans than Tom??   Plus, if you can peel your eyes away from those gorgeous photos, there is a fantastic interview with Tom as well!

Photo by AJ Numan

London Premiere Set for April 3rd?

It sounds like the red carpet premiere for Tom's highly anticipated new film "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" might be on April 3rd.  The date has popped up in a couple of places on the web, but it should probably be considered unconfirmed for now.  No word yet on what theatre will host the premiere.  The UK release of the film is set for April 20th.

New Trailer for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

A new trailer has just been released for the movie.  Tom does not make an appearance (perhaps his character is a little too complicated to work in to a 2 minute trailer), but the film looks fantastic nonetheless.  Make sure you go see the movie when it opens on March 9th in the US!