Dead Cat Wins BIFF Awards

Dead Cat can now officially be referred to as an award winning film!  Tonight, it won three awards at the British Independent Film Festival Awards - Sophia Dawnay won for Best Actress, and the film also won for Best Music.  Best of all, the film won the coveted British Lion, awarded for achievement in film on a low budget. 

Massive congratulations to all involved with the making of the film -- so happy for all of you to be recognized for all the hard work you put into it and the determination you showed getting it onto the screen.  Can't imagine anyone deserves it more than the lot of you!

Dead Cat Trailer!

The trailer for indie film Dead Cat has finally arrived and it looks fantastic!

The film can be seen at many different venues as part of the British Independent Film Festival:

And remember there is also the screening with a Q&A after at Shortwave Cinema in London on April 29 at 6pm.

Strong Early Buzz for Sleepy Hollow

Two articles have been posted about Sleepy Hollow - both have great things to say about about the team behind the show and are hoping it gets picked up.

The first is from

"The next FOX pilot in our "Eagerly Anticipating" category is the supernatural drama 'Sleepy Hollow' from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Described as a modern–day supernatural thriller based on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (a classic of American literature), 'Sleepy Hollow' follows Ichabod Crane as he partners with Sleepy Hollow’s local female sheriff to solve the mysteries of a town ravaged by the battle between good and evil. Kurtzman, one of the writers on 'Sleepy Hollow,' wrote for 'Fringe' as well as sixty-seven episodes of 'Hawaii Five-0.' Kurtzman's feature writing work includes 2009's 'Star Trek' and 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.' Needless to say, he is considered a writing heavy-hitter, making the buzz around 'Sleepy Hollow' increase with each passing day. 

'Sleepy Hollow' will star Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in a potentially starmaking role. The British actor has talent but has yet to receive his big break; success on 'Sleepy Hollow' could catapult him to the A-List. Besides, anything supernatural is bound to find an audience--particularly for a serialized television narrative where each episode can take you in a bold new direction.

Much of the success of 'Sleepy Hollow' will come down to the appearance and tone of the supernatural setting. Knowing FOX, this shouldn't be a problem; I'm expecting a visual feast to accompany Kurtzman's screenplay."

The second, from

"Pros and cons: On the page, the pilot presents an exciting new take on a classic story. The how and why of Ichabod making his way to present day is part of a mythology that doesn't seem so dense as to turn away viewers. It doesn't hurt that Kurtzman and Orci have plenty of experience juggling episodic mysteries with an overarching story from their five season with "Fringe."

Mison and Beharie aren't exactly established talent, so it's hard to say whether the two will handle the lead roles well, but the diversity in the pilot cast overall should be admired. (Beharie and Jones, both playing law enforcement, are African-American.)

The script is developed exceptionally well, with a couple of wicked reveals in the final two acts that are sure to keep viewers hooked, initially. Whether Kurtzman and Orci can keep that up remains to be seen. Hopefully, we'll get the chance."


They may not be as familiar with Tom as we are, so we obviously have no doubts about how fantastic he will be!


Photo by John Clark/The Gazette

First Photos of Tom as Ichabod Crane

First Photos of Tom as Ichabod Crane

Thanks to Shawan Campbell, stand-in for Nicole Beharie, we have a great photo of her and Tom from the set today!  Having just woken up/time traveled 200 years, Tom is looking a little worse for wear, but really, who wouldn't?

There was also an earlier photo of Tom and Nicole, taken while they shot an exterior in Gastonia, NC.  It can be seen here. Executive Producer/Writer Bob Orci was interviewed for the article:

“Ichabod has been arrested after waking up here in the present day,” he said. “There’s a Rip Van Winkle element to it because he’s been asleep in a cave for 200 years. He has no idea if he’s dreaming or what’s happening.

“Obviously the things he’s saying make him seem like he’s nuts. So he’s being escorted by a detective to a psychiatrist in this scene.”

The detective gradually begins to believe more and more of what Crane is telling her, and they form a bond, Orci said.

Congratulations to all the cast and crew on wrapping production -- now we wait until the network announces what shows they are picking up on May 13th!