Sleepy Hollow Picked Up by Global in Canada

Canadian network Global will be airing Sleepy Hollow on Monday nights at 9pm this Fall, they announced today.  I hope this is just the first of many announcements to come of the show getting picked up internationally!

The photo is courtesy of the Sleepy Hollow on Fox fan page on Facebook!  Follow them (as well as the Tom Mison Fans Facebook page, of course) to stay up to date on all the latest Sleepy Hollow News.

New Photos and a Change in Location?

New photos from the Fox Upfronts are now on the Getty Images website, in the Fox Portrait Gallery.  There are 7 photos in all.  Thanks to the Sleepy Hollow on Fox Facebook page for alerting us they were there!

In production news, on a blog about the Wilmington, NC production scene, they say that Sleepy Hollow will be moving production from the Charlotte, NC area to the coastal city of Wilmington.  I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere else, so will update if anything more official turns up.

Sleepy Hollow Screened at International Upfronts

According to, Sleepy Hollow could be headed to TV's in the UK (and elsewhere):

"This is one of the hottest series on Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution’s slate and has been generating almost as much interest as 24: Live Another Day. I hear that Sleepy Hollow was well received across the board, with one source saying it “blew me away”. This drama seems like it will do very well on the international market – and I would call a UK sale a sure thing as I’m told that Channel 5 and Sky has their eyes on it even before they attended the screenings. This is one of a number of pilots I had the chance to screen over the last week and here’s my two cents: the hype surrounding Sleepy Hollow, both before the Upfronts and now after the LA Screenings, is certainly justified."


Now that Fox has sent screeners of the pilot out, there has been plenty of reaction online - here's a sampling:

Also, my "general impression" and not "review" of SLEEPY HOLLOW is: So. Much. Fun. Over the top, crazy, often mesmerizing fun.

  Yup, will be fun to follow. Can't wait.

: surprisingly entertaining despite being batshit crazy; you'll either drink the Kool-Aid or think it's the dumbest thing ever (ed. note: mmmm kool-aid...)


From @pmiscove and @JoseMolinaTV on Twitter, it sounds like the production team had their first day of work on the series today, so it's really only a matter of time until they are shooting again!  Is it Fall yet???

Two New Sleepy Hollow Promos

Two new promos just got uploaded by Fox!!