Jadoo Screens on February 14th at Berlin Int'l Film Fest

Jadoo will have its premiere public screening at the Berlin International Film Festival (Culinary Cinema) on February 14th at 7:30 pm at the Martin Gropius-Bau Theatre.  It is part of a line-up of sixteen films about food and the environment that will be shown at the theater from February 10-15.

You can get more information, including production notes of the film, on the Organic Marketing website.

Radio Times Poll - The Ultimate Pride & Prejudice Cast

After a little bit of campaigning, the cast of Lost in Austen has been added in to the "What is the Ultimate Pride and Prejudice Cast" poll on the Radio Times website, which was created in honor of the book's 200th anniversary.  Because of the late addition, Tom is a little bit behind, so please vote for your favorite Bingley (and the rest of the marvelous cast) and give him a good showing!  VOTE HERE.

Tom Performs in Hamlet for BBC Radio 4

Tom has recently recorded his part of Laertes in the BBC 4 Radio production of Hamlet.  Jamie Parker stars as the titular Prince of Denmark, Paul Hilton as Claudius, Anastasia Hille as Gertrude and James Laurenson as Polonius.  There is precious little known, otherwise - no formal cast list or transmission dates have been released, but according to this we may have to wait until the end of the year to hear it, sadly.


Many thanks to @flip18 and @polyg for the intel!

Jadoo to Premiere at Berlinale Culinary Cinema Sidebar

Tom's upcoming film Jadoo will be premiering at a sidebar to the Berlin Film Festival that is screening films with the theme "Dig Your Food -- From Field to Fork."  10 films and 6 shorts will be screened, with meals served after by local chefs, that are inspired by the films.  The screenings will take place February 10-15.