Jadoo To Be Released in March 2013

There was a cast and crew screening today of Jadoo, Tom's new film, according to several tweets.  The film is to be released in March of 2013, according to this one:

Excited to be going to see the cast & crew of , produced by my hubby . At a cinema near you in March!"

The date also shows up now on IMDb as March 8, 2013!

Nominate Tom and Posh for the Whatsonstage.com Awards

The Whatsonstage.com Awards have opened up their site for nominations for this past year's season.  We have until November 30th to nominate, shortlists will be announced December 7th, then voting for the winners runs December 7th to January 31st.

Tom's run in Posh this year was very well received - I hope you can take the time to nominate him for his individual efforts, as well as the whole cast for Best Ensemble, and any other categories you see fit!  Go here to get started!

Duologue Music Video Released!

Well that happened quite a lot more quickly than we thought -- no sooner did we post that the Zeros video would be released soon, than it was released!  Enjoy Tom and Jodie Whittaker in the video below.

For more information about Duologue, please visit their website.

Duologue Video Almost Here

According to a tweet by the group, the video that Tom recently shot for Duologue to promote the second single, Zeros, should be released soon.  To buy the group's music, you can go here

Additional shots of Tom as...um...whatever he is there, have been posted in the galleries!