Tom is an Olympic Stayer

In a London Evening Standard piece about whether the famous residents of London would be staying or vacating for the duration of the Olympics, Tom voted firmly for the former:

"Tom Mison, 29 - Star of the play Posh


I’m very much looking forward to tourists coming to Posh, which is about the antics of people in Oxford’s Bullingdon Club, and seeing a different Britain from the one David Cameron is trying to present in the Olympics. I live in Muswell Hill and there is an amazing view from the top of Alexandra Palace of the Olympic village and Anish Kapoor’s viewing tower."

Of course, he didn't have much choice, with the very well-reviewed Posh running through August 4th (tickets available at!

Vanity Fair - Posh 2012

Vanity Fair - Posh 2012

Watch for this piece, featuring a gorgeous new photo of The Riot Club, in the July 2012 issue of Vanity Fair magazine!

Photo by Jason Bell

Tom Named One of Elle's Rising British Stars

Tom Named One of Elle's Rising British Stars

In the July issue of Elle UK, Tom appears in the Preview section as one of 12 "bright young things" to watch for in music, film, theater and the arts.

"'People keep throwing britches at me,' laughs 29-year-old Tom Mison, referring to his period roles in Lost in Austen and Agatha Christie: Poirot.  'I'm quite happy with it.  I'm proud of my calves.'  Mison currently stars with Emily Blunt in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, has appeared alongside Anne Hathaway in One Day and, next up, plays a groom-to-be in Jadoo by Resistance director Amit Gupta.  'It's a charming film about the Indian community in Leicester.  We'd sneak off to Amit's mum's restaurant at every opportunity during filming.'

So, does Hollywood beckon?  'The last thing I'd want to be is one of those English actors who moves out there and nothing ever happens.  But if I got the call...'"

Very happy to see Tom, and his calves, getting some very well-deserved recognition!


Photograph by Henry Bourne

Posh Press Night After Party Photos

Posh Press Night After Party Photos

The venue for the after party for Posh's official opening night was the beautiful Gladstone Library. There are several photos of Tom arriving at the party on, prints of which are available for purchase right on the site.  Other photos of the arrivals are available on, who report that audience members for that night included Twiggy, Tamsin Grieg and John Barrowman.

The play runs through August 4th.