Tom Appearing in BBC One drama "New Tricks" this Friday

Tom will make an appearance in the BBC One series New Tricks this Friday, September 17th at 9 pm.  "It Smells of Books," as the episode is called, will feature Tom as Tim Mortimer.  It should be available on iPlayer to those in the UK after it airs.

According to the BBC website: 

'When the team reinvestigate the death of university professor Dr Richard Symes, Lane finds himself going undercover in his "spiritual home", The London Library. While Lane embraces his new academic persona, the case stirs up regrets for Halford, forcing him to reassess some decisions he has made in the past."


Rupert Friend Directs Tom in new short film 'Steve' - to be screened at London Film Festival

According to this website (which has some great photos!), Keira Knightley, Colin Firth and Tom star in a new short film named 'Steve'.  Tom once again pairs up with his Webber-Douglas classmate Rupert Friend, who this time directs.  It will be screening at the London Film Festival (Tom and Rupert were there last year with The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers) on October 21st at 6:30 and October 22nd at 1pm.  Ticket booking information can be found here.

First Images from 'Steve'

First Images from 'Steve'

There are images of each of the lead actors on the Steve website!

The Life Man of Portland Mews - Correction!

As previously reported, Tom is participating in a night of monologues entitled The Lost Souls of Soho, which will be performed September 30th at the Intervention Gallery.  We got the details a little confused though - Tom wrote the piece and is, as we thought, directing it as well, but he will not be performing it.  Very exciting to see Tom doing new and different things!!