Who Almost Played Ichabod Crane?

Now that we are well into season one of Sleepy Hollow, I don't think any of us could imagine anyone other than Tom as Ichabod Crane.  But, according to Deadline, there was almost someone very different in that role:

All that is causing TV studio and network casting executives a great deal of anxiety heading into the intense pilot season when some 100 broadcast pilots are ordered and have to be cast within a two-month window. There have been many close calls the last couple of seasons, even on some of the biggest shows. The two breakout new series this fall, NBC’s The Blacklist and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, both found themselves with their backs against the wall and in danger of getting pushed because of difficulties casting the lead. Both got very lucky. After a slew of top feature and TV actors passed on The Blacklist, James Spader came in and made the show the hit that it is. And after Karl Urban, who was the choice to play Ichabod Crane, was lured by Almost Human, a last-minute screen test resulted in one of the most interesting talent discoveries of the fall, little known British actor Tom Mison.

Remind me to write a thank you note to Mr. Urban...


Me, too!

Thank you, Mr. Urban, indeed!  He would NOT have been a good Ichabod, and the series would not be the success it is, I believe, if he had taken the role.  He's a good actor, but this role was NOT meant for him!