Watch "The Creep"

A short film that Tom shot over 2 years ago has thankfully turned up on the blog, There Ought to be Clowns.  Click through the link and scroll down to watch.  Love their comments on the film too:

"Mark Jenkinson’s film The Creep, written by James Humphreys and Craig Hunt, has something of a crush on Mison too, with lingering shots as he dresses and shuffles out of what one assumes is an ill-advised one night stand. But the reason he’s leaving and what subsequently happens makes it a slightly different, quirkily amusing prospect and well worth the 5 minute watch."

(warning: NSFW)

UPDATE:  The above link was taken down, but you can still watch The Creep on YouTube here (and with a revised audio track from the original post).



Great stuff! (Matthieu)