In stark contrast to the sadsack Crane we saw cooking frozen lasagna in a skillet in "One Life," the clip below shows an Ichabod who's definitely gotten back his mojo. A gift to 'hand porn' enthusiasts everywhere, the clip showcases not only some impressive knife skills, but some impressive vocal skills as well. The clip was initially posted as a deleted scene from last week's "Kindred Spirits," but has since been revised to indicate it will be included in this week's episode "Sins of the Father." The video's view count reached over 110,000 in just one day, and now stands at 123,000. Impressive all around, really.


SLEEPY HOLLOW | Crane Cooks from "Sins of the Father"

Crane's cooking skills have vastly improved.

Posted by Sleepy Hollow on Saturday, February 20, 2016




Oh, I'm SO THRILLED they're including it!  The world MUST HEAR Tom sing (and see him cook!).  Sorry--I saw this after I posted on FB--didn't mean to copy you verbatim!!  THANK YOU FOR THIS, Liz!!  --Val