It's the end of the line, Sleepyheads. Fox has decided to cancel Sleepy Hollow after a return to form in Season 4. Unfortunately the ratings just weren't there. Thankfully, the writers wrapped everything up with Crane in a good place, aside from that whole bargaining his soul away to the devil. But if anyone could outwit the devil, it would have to be Ichabod Crane, would it not?

Much gratitude to all the hard working people that brought the show to the screen. It was 62 episodes of batshit crazy entertainment that took an incredible amount of time and effort from a lot of amazingly talented people. Tip of the hat to all the writers, directors, crew, cast and producers who had a hand in the show these last 4 years!

Of course, it wouldn't have been Sleepy Hollow without the iconic character of Ichabod Crane. Not many actors could do what Tom did. He made the unbelievable believable, with tremendous talent, grace and, if the gag reels are any indication, a lot of swearing. I'm so glad this show gave the world an introduction to how brilliant Tom is and I can't wait to see what he has for us next.



Photos by Brownie Harris/FOX and Tina Rowden/FOX


Sleepy Hollow

Although not entirely unexpected, it was very disappointing that Fox canceled the series.
For a show with such a following Fox placed and kept the show in a time-slot
that almost guaranteed it's demise.
Even with that Sleepy Hollow survived for a season 5, and despite the loss of such
a central character like "Abbie Mills", the show came back strong for a the 4th season.
The writing was excellent both new and with great parallel to season one when
a slumbering Ichabod Crane emerges from the ground.
I am not a huge social media person, but the support and the positive comments,
are huge compared to the far and few between negative comments.
We can hope the show gets picked up by another network and look forward to seeing the cast do
other projects. Especially Tom Mison who was able to crate such a believable character. He will
go far, as he is such a fine actor, he could read the phone book and win an

Ichabod Crane

I really did like this show. Tom brought such great qualities to Ichabod. It saddens me frown to no end that whenever there is a TV

Series that is more wholesome of sorts and not all out "Trashy" or "Realality" (which we all know is BS and Scripted) they always

seem to cancel it. I wish Tom well in all his endeavers, and can only hope that maybe we will see him again in another 

great TV Series. You will be missed Ichabod.

broken heart

Bring it on!

Loved the character of Ichabod Crane from the moment he appeared on screen. There may have been ups and downs during the series' four-year run but on whole loved being along for the ride.

And for being introduced to Tom Mison.

Thank you to Tom for taking Crane from the page to the fully nuanced character he created and we were privileged to get to know. Looking forward to what's next and I will happily be there to tag along where he chooses to take us.

Wonderful Actor with a Great Future

He made this character so much fun and so elegant.  Hope he brings a lot more to TV in the US and would love to see him in movies.  I think he has great things ahead of him -  wish him and his wife all the best

Many thanks

Many Thanks to Tom Mison for bringing Icabod Crane to life.  He made me believe in this character, and I look forward to his future projects.  All the best!

I love your "soliloquy" about

I love your "soliloquy" about Tom's character. I definitely will miss this character and the show for that matter. It was very well done. I can't wait to see Tom Mison in more things. This is so very sad. He really gave that role it's uniqueness!

Absolutely my favorite show ever!

Thank you to the wonderful cast, writers and all involved in bringing us the adventures of Ichabod Crane the last four years. I have watched and enjoyed every single episode and I am devistated that Fox had decided not to renew. This show had it all...action, humor, twistory, beautiful photography, and of course the monsters! I will truly miss the show and watching Tom work his magic as Ichabod.

I agree

I too loved this show and also have seen every single episode. You are right in that it had ALL the GREAT QUALITIES action, humor, twistory, beautiful photogarphy and monsters. The thing it didn''t have was TRASH which is one of the reasons that I did love this show. A show that you could sit down with your girls and not have to explaine that they don't have to dress like a sex symbol to be someone or to get attention. I could only implore that we have more great shows like this instead of the trash that is on tv now. Bring back Ichabod!!!! A true gentleman till the end.  I am and always will be a true romantic at heart no matter how old I get. And Ichabod was the epitome of a true gentleman.heartkiss