Dragon Con 2015



Appearance Schedule

5:30 pm  Photo Ops (with Nicole and John) at Photo Booth 2
Tom and Nicole couldn't make it -- if you bought a photo op for this time,
Froggy's will honor it Saturday or Sunday.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm  Sleepy Hollow Q&A Panel with Nicole and Corey Castellano
in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F
6:10 pm  Photo Ops (with Nicole and John) at Photo Booth 1

2:30-3:30 pm  Sleepy Hollow Q&A panel with Nicole in Marriott Atrium Ballroom
(will also be rebroadcast on DCTV on Mon at 12:30)
3:45 pm  Signing autographs in the Walk of Fame
5:30 pm  Photo Ops (with Nicole) at Photo Booth 1
Signing autographs in the Walk of Fame until 1pm
1:45  Photo Ops at Photo Booth
Photo op canceled due to illness!


Tom will be signing autographs throughout the con at the Walk of Fame - Table 66 ($40)




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Photo by Fong Dong for the Daily Dragon



Daily Dragon: Man Out of Time





Storify version of @OnWnet's live-tweeting of Saturday's panel


Tom and Nicole fist bump during the panel


Periscope (video) from @BlackGirlNerds of tail end of panel

(only available until Sunday afternoon)


Tom Mison is a Great Guy - A con story


Storify version of @OnWnet's live-tweeting of Sunday's panel


Daily Dragon: Sleepy Hollow's Father and Son -- Sunday Panel Recap










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Wizard World Las Vegas 2015 Panel Video


Tom is truly in his element when he is up on the dais at a Con - whether it's with the whole Sleepy Hollow cast at New York Comic Con, on the Brave New Warriors panel at San Diego Comic Con, or even when he is flying solo, as he did this past weekend in Las Vegas. He's sharp, he's charming, he's informative. He is just delightful. See for yourself in the video below.



I have uploaded the second and third parts to the panel video I shot from the front row, though due to technical difficulties I missed a couple of questions. My advice is to watch the above video for content, then take a look at mine for some priceless facial expressions and loads of hand porn. There's your evening sorted (you're welcome).



Wizard World Las Vegas 2015



Tom charmed the socks off yet another Comic Con this past weekend in Las Vegas. He started off by tossing granola bars and handing out Red Bull from the goody bag waiting at the signing table for him when he first arrived, then proceeded to take a few moments with each fan to chat, take selfies and patiently sign photos, bags and memorabilia for everyone waiting. He had several signing sessions throughout the weekend, as well as a lightning fast photo op with fans each day - those Con photographers do not mess around.

This was the inaugural event for Wizard World in the Las Vegas venue. Attendance wasn't huge, but it was refreshing to be able to walk a Con floor and not get jostled around by backpacks and cosplay weapons/wings/appendages for a change. The Las Vegas Convention Center was a bit out of the way, but easily reached by monorail, and being in Vegas, had the added bonus of plenty of restaurants and entertainment available outside the con. Perfect for, say, a large group of Sleepyheads to get together and support the very talented actor who plays their favorite cantankerous, time traveling Revolutionary War Captain and Witness (with a capital W). Lucky for us, they offered the "Tom Mison VIP Experience," so waiting on lines was kept to a minimum, and we got seats in the first two rows at the panel with no problem at all. Well worth the expense.

Photos, including the ones above, are up in the galleries - there are more to come, so check back over the next few days. Tom also did a really fun, fairly casual panel, with fans asking the questions and getting pretty vocal from the audience. A few times the panel in the next room got a little too loud and Tom and moderator Chris Payne decided to retaliate, leading the audience in a group fangirl scream to counteract it. All while Tom flipped them off. PRICELESS.

Below you'll find video of the first part of the panel - parts 2 and 3 (with the aforementioned flipping off) will follow soon.



MCM Birmingham Comic Con Interview

Before news from this past weekend's Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas is posted, this interview by Red Carpet TV from last month's MCM Birmingham Comic Con popped up and is definitely worth a watch. Given Tom's fanboy tendencies, I think it's a good bet we'll be seeing him at many cons to come.