Sleepy Hollow: Season 3 Premieres Tomorrow!



After a more than 7 month hiatus, the new season of Sleepy Hollow finally starts tomorrow! There may have been precious little news during that time, but the official Sleepy Hollow social media accounts are making up for lost time, posting stills, video clips, promos and teasers for fans. Check the galleries for all the images, including the one above, and see below for the teaser and the clip.



Photos by Tina Rowden/FOX

Sleepy Hollow: New Promo and Cast Photos



With one week to go until the premiere of Sleepy Hollow Season 3 airs in its new Thursday at 9pm time slot, a new promo has been released, along with some stunning cast photos. In addition to Ichabod (above), Abbie and Jenny, photos of new cast regulars Joe Corbin (Zack Appelman), Daniel Reynolds (Lance Gross), Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon) and Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) can be found at ScreenSpy

As if that weren't enough to make the fans ecstatic, a new promo was released, which you can see below.



The screeners for episode 3.01 "I, Witness" were posted for journalists yesterday, and several weighed in on Twitter with their first impressions. Sadie Gennis (@SadieGennis) of TV Guide said "I'm only 10 minutes into the #SleepyHollow premiere screener and my love for this show is fully restored."  Kim Rogers of @HeadOverFeels tweeted "Enjoyed the S3 premiere of #SleepyHollow. Feels like a re-pilot but all the elements we loved most are there."  Kimberly Roots (@KimRoots) told us "I've seen the #SleepyHollow S3 premiere. If you're worried, you shouldn't be. Solid on all fronts." Fantastic news for fans of the show who have had a long hiatus to worry about where the show would be headed.

Watch the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow on Thursday, October 1st at 9/8c on FOX.

UPDATE: A new full :30 promo has been posted and is embedded below:




Photo credit: Michael Lavine/FOX



Dragon Con 2015: Sleepy Hollow Panel


Thanks to the lovely @CynaColorado, we have video of Saturday's panel from Dragon Con. Enjoy!






Nikki Reed on Working With Tom


Now that Nikki Reed has walked in Betsy Ross' shoes for a few weeks, with shooting on Sleepy Hollow Season 3 underway, she tells Access Hollywood and ET Canada what it has been like working with Tom.



Clearly it has been total drudgery and quite an ordeal. In another interview at the same event, she continues in the same vein with ET Canada:

I think Betsy and Ichabod they might have something...who knows? Tom? Yeah, Tom is phenomenal. He's, I was saying earlier, and I mean I can say it repeatedly. He is one of my favorite actors I've ever worked with. There is nothing that you want more as an actor than showing up to work and knowing that the person you are working with is as excited about the material as you are, and as enthusiastic and, you know, wanting to flush out the characters and the dynamics and talk about things until you're blue in the face. And he is, I mean he is all of those things. He loves that. He loves what he does and that's the greatest thing about working with Tom.

You can check out the first images of Nikki as Betsy Ross in all her finery on