MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2016: MyM Buzz Interview



Thanks to the lovely folks at @MCMBUZZ, the interview Tom gave this morning at MCM Comic Con Birmingham has already been posted! Lots of great questions and answers about Sleepy Hollow, of course, but also got some interesting new bits about Parade's End and the newly released film Dead Cat.


Sleepy Hollow: Yes Chef!


In stark contrast to the sadsack Crane we saw cooking frozen lasagna in a skillet in "One Life," the clip below shows an Ichabod who's definitely gotten back his mojo. A gift to 'hand porn' enthusiasts everywhere, the clip showcases not only some impressive knife skills, but some impressive vocal skills as well. The clip was initially posted as a deleted scene from last week's "Kindred Spirits," but has since been revised to indicate it will be included in this week's episode "Sins of the Father." The video's view count reached over 110,000 in just one day, and now stands at 123,000. Impressive all around, really.


SLEEPY HOLLOW | Crane Cooks from "Sins of the Father"

Crane's cooking skills have vastly improved.

Posted by Sleepy Hollow on Saturday, February 20, 2016


Sleepy Hollow: New Promo and Images Released



New images have been released and uploaded to the galleries for Sleepy Hollow episode 3.10 "Incident at Stone Manor." The episode will air on Friday, February 12th at 8pm.

A new US promo has also been released for episode 3.09 "One Life" which airs next week, and is embedded below.




Photos by Tina Rowden/FOX


Sleepy Hollow: One Week to Go



We are down to one short week until Ichabod and Abbie (?) return to our screens in the show's new time slot on Friday at 8/7c. Marisa Roffman interviewed showrunner Clifton Campbell for TVInsider to find out what she could about when we would see Abbie again and what we might expect from the rest of Season 3.

"The biggest question is, what happened to Abbie? What can you share about her location going into the midseason premiere?
A lot of that will be explained; a lot of where she went and what happened, and why that decision was so important to her will be explained. It obviously reflects a great deal on Ichabod Crane and to a no lesser extent, Jenny and Joe, our new team. They're fighting something in the supernatural with Pandora and the Hidden One that they don't understand, and the rules aren't quite what they were with Moloch, which was just utter destruction. There's a plan afoot [with Pandora and the Hidden One]. There's the rise of a once-powerful old god, and [the team] finds themselves in over their heads, and they're trying to do everything they can to not only survive, but to try and put an end to them. The first few episodes answers a lot of questions [and] it asks a lot of questions that will be answered over the back half [of the season]."

A promo was finally spotted on air here in the US (view a rough grab of it here courtesy of @Joyce317jaw), and Universal Channel in the UK posted a promo of their own (below) in advance of their mid-season premiere, which is February 25th at 9pm.


Sleepy Hollows Teaser

Sacrifices were made. Lives were at risk. Sleepy Hollow returns 25th Feb at 9pm.

Posted by Universal Channel UK on Friday, January 29, 2016