Sleepy Hollow: Season 4 Premieres in One Week


Sleepyheads have endured an extra long hiatus this year, but the long wait is almost over with the Season 4 premiere just one week away. Episodic photos have been released for the first 4 episodes of the season (and can be found in the galleries), press releases have been made available for the first 3 episodes with some episode details (beware spoilers), as has an intriguing on air promo for the premiere itself:


The show is back on Friday, January 6th at 9/8c on FOX. There will also be an encore presentation of the episode the following day on Saturday, January 7th at 8/7c. If you can't possibly wait until then, get your Sleepy Hollow fix tonight when both episodes of the SleepyBones crossover air starting at 8/7c.


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Sleepy Hollow: Cast Photos

Only a little more than two weeks until the Season 4 premiere, and the promotion is getting into gear. We've gotten key art, some teases and now, new cast photos. The gorgeous new shots by Mathieu Young show Tom as Ichabod, holding a torch like the true action hero that he is, hitting the books and awash in natural light. New shots for Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny and new co-stars Janina Gavankar, Rachel Melvin and Jerry MacKinnon were also released. It shouldn't be long before on air promos start popping up as well.

Sleepy Hollow episode 4.01 "Columbia," written by Albert Kim and directed by Russell Fine, airs Friday, January 6th at 9pm.


Photos by Mathieu Young/FOX via @Screenspy


Sleepy Hollow: Premiere Photos and Press Release

Episodic photos for Sleepy Hollow's Season 4 premiere episode "Columbia" have been released, as well as a plot summary


In the Season Four premiere of SLEEPY HOLLOW, Crane and Jenny begin to navigate life following the unexpected death of Abbie Mills. When he finds himself in the nation’s capital, Crane must forge unlikely partnerships in his quest to find the next Witness, as he discovers that there is more evil at play than he realized was possible. Don’t miss the all-new action-packed “Columbia” Season Four premiere and 50th episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Friday, Jan. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


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Sleepy Hollow: Season 4 Key Art and Episode 4.01 Teases



The Season 4 premiere is less than a month away (on Friday, January 6th at 9pm to be exact), so we are finally starting to hear about promos being readied, art is being released, and the premiere itself has been posted for the press to screen. You can see the slightly unsettling key art above, which was revealed exclusively by Marisa Roffman at TVInsider.

Marisa also quoted Tom recently regarding Crane's frame of mind at the beginning of the season, and how he's dealing with the shocking loss of Abbie:

“He’s out of his element—and without Abbie,” Mison says. “He’s reacting the way Crane does when he’s a little bit lost, which is laser-focused.” As for the new team, they “bring a completely new dynamic to the show,” Mison says, “which I think is rather grand.”

Kim Roots from TVLine posted her thoughts after viewing the premiere episode, and advised readers of 10 things they should know about the episode.

  • The dearly departed “Leftenant” Abbie Mills is both mentioned and seen within the episode’s first few moments.
  • There’s a visual callback to the pilot in the first few minutes, as well.
  • There’s a big revelation at the end of the hour.

You can read the other 7 (not particularly spoilery) teases in the article here.